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We are a Family of Faith, Passionately Connecting to Christ, His Church, His Word, and His Mission, for His Glory!

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The purpose of the Baptist Faith and Message is to set forth certain teachings which we believe.


We are a Family of Faith, Passionately Connecting to Christ, His Church, His Word, and His Mission, for His Glory!


As Christians, followers of Christ, we should follow Jesus command and example. In Matthew 28, Jesus said, “Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Go is easy enough. In this busy world, we are always going. Therefore – what is it there for? Because of what Christ did for us, paying the penalty of our sin by His death on the cross and resurrection, so we can have eternal and abundant life. We need to lead people to be followers of Jesus Christ, to make disciples. We do this by sharing how we began a relationship with Jesus and what a difference He makes in our life.


When we become followers of Christ, disciples, we become part of a family of faith. We fellowship with other believers, worship together, serve each other, and serve the community as well. Being together in fellowship, worship, and using our gifts is vital for the church to grow. This connection helps us grow in our faith and builds the unity of the church.


How do we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? By reading His Word, listening to His Word, studying His Word, living it out in our lives, and teaching others to do the same. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are disciples and we are commanded to make disciples.


God’s Word says we are to Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations. We go across the street and around world to tell people the good news of Jesus Christ – He came to pay the penalty of our mistakes in order that our broken relationship with God could be restored. We do this through words and works.



Truths I want you to learn and teach others.
Teaching truth and training hearts is the primary responsibility of every pastor. It is also the primary responsibility of every individual and every parent. We are called to make disciples. It can be hard sometimes to know where to begin. The purpose of this book is to help you in your discipleship process. You can study is as an individual to help you grow spiritually. Or you can use it to disciple someone else in a small group setting.

To request this book, contact the Church Office at Edmond's First, 405-341-0253, or. The Church Office is available Monday - Thursday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.


what baptists believe
and why they believe it

A Summary of the Key Doctrines of the Baptist Faith Supported by Scripture, this is a Church Training guide to better understand doctrines such as:

  • The Existence of God
  • The Existence of the Trinity
  • The Existence of the Son
  • Man and Sin
  • Salvation
  • Baptism
  • Lord's Supper
  • and many more.

To order this $5 book, contact Kayla Siler, Assistant to Pastor, 405-726-9776, office, ksiler@fbcedmond.org.

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Welcome! We are a body of believers who know that no single one of us is complete without the gift of salvation from the One that makes us whole. We strive together to be more like the Savior, Jesus Christ, and to light the way for others to come to know Him.

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