For adults 55+, we have learned to lean on one another in hard times and share the joy of good times with each other. The fellowship shared each week is building strong relationships as we experience to great things that God has in store for us. Together we Love, Invest, Fellowship, and Evangelize.

Jerry Miller, LIFE+ Pastor and Pastoral Care
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Sunday, September 27
Jerry Miller shares a Connection Group Bible study each week online through YouTube.

From Isaiah 23:8-18, "God Reigns". God controls the rise and fall of nations and powers. Throughout history, we have seen dictators, despots, and other leaders seize control of countries or regions. At the time, some of these leaders and groups they led appeared to be invincible, carrying an unchecked arrogance as they gained more power. In Isaiah's days, Tyre and Sidon were Phoenician cities on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea that has a vast and powerful financial empire. To the human eye, they seemed invincible, but they were no match for God. God is sovereign over every nation and human seat of power.


Worship in the Worship Center each Sunday at 9:30 AM for a blended service and 11:00 AM for a modern service. Mask only sections are available at both services. Greeters are available to answer any questions.

Connection Groups meet at 8:15 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11:00 AM. You are encouraged to visit several classes before selecting the one that is the most comfortable fit for you. There are multiple opportunities with classes that meet in person, virtually, or both.


If you want to get connected in a Connection Group, contact Jerry Miller, call the Church Office which is available Monday - Thursday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at 405-341-0253, or select CONTACT US above.


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Sunday Bible Studies


From the Book of Isaiah, Jerry Miller shares a Connection Group Bible study each Sunday.