For 1st-5th grades, KIDS stands for Kingdom, Intimacy, Discipleship, and Service. This is a place where worship gets your child energized and excited about the God we serve. In Connection Groups we provide an intimate time to nourish your child in the love of Christ through discipleship and service projects. We meet on the second floor of the Children's Wing.

Christian Lloyd, Children's Pastor
405-886-6101 mobile

Grace Clark, Children's Assistant
405-726-9762 office


Friday, May 7 | 6:15 PM - 9:15 PM | Children's Wing
For birth through 5th grade, drop off your little ones for an evening of games, movies, and fun with friends. Sign ups are available in your Connection Group, at the Preschool Welcome Desk on the first floor of the Children's Wing, or you can email the Preschool Ministry, gclark@fbcedmond.org. Sign up deadline is Sunday, April 25.


For birth through 5th grade, check in online beginning at 8:00 AM on Mondays and closing at midnight on Thursdays. Kids meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM for KIDS Church and 11:00 AM for Connection Groups.


For 1st - 5th grade, Kids Church is where kids can come learn about scripture in a fun and interactive way, while their parents attend Connection Group or Worship. They will engage in worship, prayer, memory verses, games, and the preaching of the Word. Kids church is more than babysitting, it’s an opportunity for the kids to meet God in a powerful and mighty way! Meet on the second floor of the Children's Wing at 9:30 AM each Sunday morning. Connection Groups, small groups, meet at 11:00 AM.


Wednesday, June 16 - Saturday, June 19
Cost: $160 per camper
Camp season is here! We would like to encourage all kids who have completed 3rd grade - 5th grade to joins us for four days of worship, teaching, missions, games, and of course sock wars! While at camp you will build your relationship with the Lord and learn ways that you can serve Him.
While we will have a blast at camp, the most important thing though can takeaway from camp is making Jesus they boss of your life if you have not, and if you have, growing in your relationship with Him. You do not want to miss it! PS. Do not forget to pack your socks!

Register online below:
PLEASE NOTE: guy chaperons still needed and ladies are on a wait list.


Activities are available for the entire family. For 1st - 5th grade, from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM, meet on the second floor of the Children's Wing for SUIT UP. We will look at scripture in a fun and interactive way through object lessons that challenge and grow us, Bible skills that give us a better understanding of how to use our Bibles, and recreation activities that get us on our feet while still learning the truths from scripture.


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DOWNLOAD Children's Ministry Handbook
A handbook for families which shares information on Foundational Guidelines, Curriculum and Programs, Security, Partnering with Parents, and more.

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For volunteer and employed teachers, a handbook which shares information on Standards, Security and Safety, Emergency Procedures, Responsibilities, and more.


Edmond's First follows a learning design based upon five principles; Worship, Ministry, Fellowship, Discipleship, and Evangelism. We are committed to helping parents and guardians build a firm and lasting spiritual foundation in the lives of children.