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The mission of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children is to demonstrate God’s love by providing hope through empowering children and their families to follow Christ.

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Friday, August 7 - Sunday, August 9, 2020
Each August, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) hosts Back-to-School Style Shows across the state to create awareness and support for 200+ children as they go back to school. This event creates revenue through individual and business sponsorships, a silent auction, and individual or group fundraising through the Outfit a Child virtual fundraising campaign.

Because of COVID-19 and for the safety of the residents, our supporters and staff, Boys Ranch Town, Edmond, Baptist Children’s Home, Owasso and Oklahoma City have joined together to host a virtual 2020 Back-to-School Style Show.

Even though the event is virtual, the needs are real. All funds raised during this event will help provide yearly clothing and other basic needs for three of our campuses.


Virtual Online Event
Saturday, August 8, 10:30 AM

Television Broadcasts
Sunday, August 9, 5:00 PM

KSBIChannel 52

Over the Air, Dish, DirectTV, U-Verse, or U-Verse HD 1052
Channel 7
COX Cable or COX HD 707

CWChannel 19

Over the Air, Dish, DirectTV
Channel 7
COX Cable, U-Verse / COX HD 707

Cable One Channel 16, Older TV’s 12.1 or 12.2, Pioneer 8/Pioneer HD 405, Taloga Cable 52.1/Taloga HD 52.2, Vi-Tel LLC 36


Opens Friday, August 7, 2020
12:00 PM CST

Closes Sunday, August 9, 2020
8:00 PM CST


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We are On Mission as we reach young people and at risk families for the kingdom. Individuals and Connection Groups may participate in the "Outfit a Child" campaign by contributing as individuals or as a class.

Provides all clothing needs for one child.

Provides three pair of jeans and four shirts for one child.

Provides a light jacket and warm coat for one child.

Provides dress shoes for one child.    


DOWNLOAD Sponsor Form
Deadline for sponsorship's is Monday, July 27, 2020. By contributing, you will be supporting and meeting OBHC residents’ needs for the 2020-2021 school year.

$250 - $499
Bronze Sponsor

$1,000 - $2,499
Gold Sponsor

$2,500 - $4,999
Platinum Sponsor

$5,000 or more
Diamond Sponsor   


The Outfit a Child campaign is a virtual fundraising initiative for the Back-to-School Style Show. This campaign, also known as the paper doll goal sheet program, allows people to register as individuals or teams and virtually fund raise in their own way while still helping impact the lives of children and families in the care of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.


Style Show is my favorite event that Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) Hosts. As a former caseworker at Boys Ranch Town, it was my job to be with them while they were shopping and sometimes be their voices when they did not like a shirt or wanted something different and they didn’t know how to tell their shopper. Other times, I was there to keep a boy cool so he would not get in trouble. Shopping for clothes can be stressful for anyone, but you add in a stranger who is helping you and a boy who may have issues with communicating well and it can go south very quickly.

One of my favorite memories is when two brothers were trying on outfits and came out to show us and they were in the same exact outfit. I kid you not. The same outfit! We all started laughing and they looked at each other and were questioning why the adults were laughing. It took them a good minute to look at what each other were wearing, but when they did, they ran to their respective dressing rooms and immediately changed!

I have had two different boys that came days before the Style Show, and I took them shopping to get their clothes. One boy was very opinionated on what he liked, what he did not like and knew exactly what he wanted to wear down the runway at style show. We found his outfit and some other clothes for school and we were outta there!

Jordan was a little tougher. He did not know what he wanted or what he liked. He did not want to show me how his outfits we were fitting. I mean, why would he? He just met me earlier that day, and now I was taking him shopping for this event where he had to ‘walk a runway’? He was not thrilled. But, as he learned more of what the Style Show was and as he went to rehearsal he started to see the fun in it and on the night he walked the runway, he had the audience eating out of his hands! He loved it so much!

This picture of the boys above with the Bulldog, is when they picked up their schedules. Every year we take the boys to the respective school to pick up their schedules, find their lockers, practice their locker combination, walk their classes, get their books, and take a picture by the mascot. This year I had a big crew of boys and got all of them in. You can tell by the picture that some are excited, and others are tired of Miss Kayla’s picture taking, but it is part of their growing up. It is a piece of their childhood.

They are in their new clothes; some are veterans to this (probably the ones with the ones looking like they are too cool for school in the pictures) and others are newbies. But the biggest thing is they are all on level ground. They have the same clothes as each other and their peers and that makes them feel just a little better about starting a new school year.

I could go on and on about the boys, back to school shopping, style show, etc. The takeaway is this; God has given us, Edmond's First, an enormous opportunity to serve the boys at Boys Ranch Town by supporting them in this “Outfit a Child” Campaign. I know we already support OBHC and BRT in many other ways, but this opportunity is like none other you will ever experience. Especially when you learn that a boy came to BRT with nothing but the clothes on his back and cries because he can’t understand why “anyone would want to give me all these nice clothes”. It opens their hearts, allows the Lord to work on them so when the time is right, they will be ready to hear that they are loved by the God who created them and by the people who are working with them out of the pure joy of the Lord with no agenda other than for them to come to know the Lord.

That is why “Outfit a Child” is important. Will you join me in outfitting the boys at Boys Ranch Town?

Kayla Siler
Assistant to Pastor Blake Gideon
405-726-9776 office