The evil of abortion will only be overcome by the people of God conquering the deeds of darkness.

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Edmond, First hosts Abolition Conference, Feb. 5-8
by The Baptist Messenger
by Blake Gideon - Pastor, Edmond, First

Edmond, First is hosting the 2022 Abolition Now Conference, Feb. 5-8. This four-day conference combines teaching, training, and application.

Visit Free the States Abolition Now Conference

Abolition is a grassroots movement among churches to abolish abortion in Oklahoma. The tenets of abolition are built upon the following five principles. First, abolition is biblical. Rather than leaving the Bible out of engagements, abolitionists ground God’s Word as the foundation for everything that they do. The concept of abolitionism (the removal of evils) is derived from the Word of God. It follows from the call to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8).

Second, abolition is providential. Abolitionists rely on the providence of God, a not pragmatism in their efforts to abolish abortion. Abolitionists trust in the ordained means and methods God has given in His Word.


Third, abolition is Gospel-centered. Abolitionists recognize that the chief weapon they possess in the fight against abortion is the Good News of Jesus Christ. Abortion is sin, and the only answer for sin is repentance and a saving faith in the finished work of Christ. The Gospel alone brings redemption from destruction; it is the wellspring of love, hope and joy, and the answer to abortion. The Gospel truly and permanently mobilizes human action, motivates moral behavior and mandates consistent, compassionate justice.

Fourth, abolition is body-driven. Abolitionists believe that abolition is an obligation of the Church. They seek to awaken the Church to fulfill its God-ordained purpose to be salt and light in this sin-spoiled and darkened world (Matthew 5:13-16). The primary means God has ordained to display His manifold wisdom to the world is through His people, His body and bride and His Word (1 Peter 2:9). The Church must take the Gospel to the ends of the earth; bringing it into conflict with every dark deed of man(Matthew  28:18-20).

Fifth, abolition is immediate and uncompromising (Isaiah 1:16). Abolitionists believe that abortion should not be allowed in any cases. Therefore, immediate total abolition is strategically sound and consistently biblical.

The evil of abortion will only be overcome by the people of God conquering the deeds of darkness. Join me and others Feb. 5-8 at Edmond, First for the Abolition Now Conference.