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Bible Study

Connection Group Bible Study

Sunday, April 5
From the Book of Romans, Jerry Miler shares a Connection Group Bible study. "All who accept the gospel find freedom from the guilt of sin. We usually think of freedom in terms of being free to do things. We like the idea of doing whatever we want, whenever we want. Wee appreciate being free to speak, free to work, free to worship, and free to disagree. But freedom has another side - the freedom not to act. Paul wanted the Romans to understand this side of freedom. Our freedom in Christ means we don't have to live in guilt, and we don't have to live in bondage to sin."

Connecting to

His Church

We have learned to lean on one another in hard times and share the joy of good times with each other. The fellowship shared each week is building strong relationships as we experience to great things that God has in store for us.

  • Call the Church Office which is available Monday - Thursday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM - 8:00 AM to noon at 405-341-0253.
  • Call or text Jerry Miller, LIFE+ and Pastoral Care Pastor, 405-473-6946.
  • Complete the online form below at any time.

Campus Closed

Please note our campus is currently closed due to COVID-19.The Church Office is open Monday-Thursday, 8AM-5PM.  Please call 405-341-0253 or stop by if you have a need. The doors are locked so push the buzzer at the office entrance and we will let you in.

For questions or more information regarding the LIFE+ Ministry, text or call JERRY MILLER, 405-473-6946. For COVID-19 updates, Follow the CORONAVIRUS web page. For prayer and needs requests, we have a prayer portal located at COVID-19 PRAYER/NEEDS

Sunday Worship Services

Edmond's First offers two services on Sunday mornings and one Sunday evening service. All are available online @edmondsfirst on Facebook and LIVESTREAM.

  • 9:30 AM "Believe and Live" Blended Service
  • 11:00 AM "Believe and Live"Modern Service
  • 5:00 PM "Exodus" Family Worship Service

Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor Blake Gideon is continuing his "Overview of the Bible" on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM which is also available online @edmondsfirst on Facebook and LIVESTREAM.