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Day 28: Acts 28

Are you willing to say yes to God?
The ship’s crew waits out the winter then sets sail for Rome. When they arrive, the Jews in Rome know nothing about the charges against Paul. Paul shares his story again. Some believe, some disagree, and in the end, Paul is set free.

Acts 28:31 is an incredible epitaph to Paul’s life and ministry: “Paul proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ - with all boldness and without hindrance.”

Paul faithfully completed all God called him to do. He faced difficult and challenging times in his life, but he never gave up and never let his circumstances deter him from serving Jesus. God accomplished His purpose in Paul’s life as Paul said “yes” to God time and time again.

Will you surrender to God’s purpose for your life even before you know what He will ask of you? Make this commitment to the Lord: “God, whenever you say ‘move,’ I’ll move. Wherever you say ‘go,’ I will go. Whatever you say ‘do,’ I’ll do.”

The story of God changing the world through the church does not stop in Acts 28. God’s work continues today through passionate people who surrender everything and say with confidence, “Here I am. Send me!”

1) What does this passage teach us about God? How does it apply to you?

2) What desires has God put in you? What is your next step to be faithful to what God has asked you to do?

3) What do you want people to write about your life one day? Would people say that you were focused on Jesus?

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