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EFBC’s vision to plant churches and be relentless on declaring the Gospel to the ends of the earth extends halfway across the world to Demapur, India. India is a country of billions on a land mass about a third the size of the USA. They are filled with new languages, exotic foods, and ancient religions.

We have witnessed how God is using the simple things to make the biggest differences for the cause of Christ in a land that has been dark and lost for most of its history. Our team taught Vacation Bible School to 300 kids who were more than eager to learn about who Jesus is and what He has done specifically for them. We traveled to house churches in villages far off the roads from anything modern where families are learning how to share Christ with their neighbors and friends. These churches are so much like the first church, eager to learn about God’s plan and willing to sacrifice and share whatever they have for the cause of Christ in their community. The final purpose of the mission trip was to train churches to send out, multiply, and minister to new leaders, who will become house church pastors, disciplers, and baptize to those that receive God’s word.

EFBC's team is astonished by God’s love on the front lines in places like India. We are praying and seeking His guidance on how we should go forward and serve in the future. We are excited to say that God is good in all things and He makes our paths straight. Join us in prayer as we learn God’s plan for EFBC Missions and how we can go forward with serving Him in places like India.

World Missions


Because of the faithful support to missions of EFBC, this church has been able to partner with Building for Christ and Pioneer Missions in building four churches in four different cities within Brazil in 3 years. 

This partnership does not end at building a church. We have also used portable dental clinic, and a professional dentist, who is a member of EFBC, to serve hundreds of Brazilians with clean teeth, extractions, and other dental needs. 

Building for Christ is a local partnership with an Edmond home builder who has been radically called to serving South America by building chapels and preaching the Gospel to all nations.

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