Wednesday Evenings for Children and Preteen


Club 252 is all about learning new Bible verses and sharpening Bible skills. Loving teachers share God’s love weekly each Wednesday evening from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Children’s Wing with boys and girls from infants through our Preteen Ministry with 5th and 6th graders.

In addition, the boys and girls are experiencing missions on a first-hand basis as they hear from teachers about how missionaries in the US and around the world share the love of Jesus in a multitude of ways such as offering home Bible study groups, making blankets for the homeless, and telling people everywhere about Jesus.

Join us each Wednesday as we explore through crafts, games, and more on how to live for Him.

  • Childcare - Children’s Wing First Floor
    Birth thru two years
  • CLUB 252 - Children’s Wing First Floor
    Three years thru kindergarten
  • CLUB 252 - Children’s Wing Second Floor
    Elementary: 1st thru 4th grade
  • FLYTE - Children’s Wing Second Floor
    Preteen: 5th thru 6th grade

Questions?  Comments?

  • Pat Murphy, birth thru kindergarten
    405-640-4980, EMAIL Pat
  • Charles Scheffe, 1st grade thru 6th grade
    405-706-0763, EMAIL Charles



Wednesday Evenings for Children and Preteen