Uptown Kids Day

Shoppes open on Sunday, October 9, 2016
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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His Church

Uptown Kids Day

Uptown Kids Day is the day when the shoppes of Uptown Kids are open from 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM for our 1st-6th grade. Located on the second floor of the Children’s Wing, every Connection Group becomes the shop that its room is named after.  Each room will have different activities, games, and prizes!

Every child will be given 10 Uptown Dollars. You will win 10 extra Uptown Dollars if you bring your Bible and if you bring a friend you both will receive double Uptown Dollars!

* All money used is our Uptown Kids Currency *

1. Noah's Arcade
Miniature Golf is no trivial pursuit, but maybe you can do both at the same time? Come try your skills at Noah's and see if you can answer some trivia questions and put the ball in the correct hole. This room costs $5 per visit!

2. Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego's Firehouse
In this Room kids will hear the story of these amazing men, and get a chance to make some “Shrinky Dink” crafts. This room costs $5 per visit!

3. Hebrews Coffee Shop
Each child will get the opportunity to create their own custom blend of coffee, by selecting the coffee beans of their choice and then grinding them up all while learning about the heroes of faith found in the book of Hebrews. This room costs $5 per grind.

4. David's House of Blues
Come check out the cool blues music, in this cool blue room, and we will pay YOU $5 for every instrument that you make!

5. Esther's Boutique
In Esther’s Boutique you will learn about daily life for ancient Israelite women, as well as get to weave your own baskets and rugs and get paid for it! You can keep the basket you spent time weaving and buy others at the shop for $15.

6. Jonah's Seaside Café
Jonah is trapped in the belly of a fish and needs your help to get out! Come throw darts at the balloons and see if you can free Jonah. $5 will get you 3 chances.

7. Adam's Rib Joint
At Adam’s Rib Joint you get to make your own butter which you can add on a fresh, hot pancake for $5!

8. Manna From Heaven Bakery
Donut fear as manna has appeared with a tasty treat! This room will be memorizing Luke 6:37 and frosting your own donuts. It costs $5 per visit.

9. Daniel's Movie Den
Short on cash? Then this short films room is where to visit. We are doing Bible Trivia, your choice of either Bible Drill and Skills Challenge or maybe you can hit a home run in Bible Baseball! Complete the challenge to receive $5.

10. The Hangar
The hangar will have lots of fun with custom paper airplanes made by you! There are lots of planes designs to try out, but only one can make the right flight. Choose wisely to win big, because every plane that flies will earn you $5.

11. Babel Control Tower
Without the Control Tower all chaos would break loose. This fun room costs $5 and you get to race a remote control car around the track. And if you win the race you can walk out with $10!

12. Pilate's Lounge
In this room you pay $5 to try 4 different kinds of soda. If you answer a trivia fact correctly, you will walk away with $10.

13. P.A.T.'s Priscilla and Aquila's Tents 
Come check out the art of tent making with two of Paul's favorite people. These experts will teach you everything you need to know about leather and how to work it. This store costs $5, and you get to keep what you make!