Uptown Kids' Day

Sunday, March 9, 2014 - for 1st thru 6th grade

Uptown Kids day is the day when the shoppes of Uptown Kids are open! Every Connection Group becomes the shop that its room is named after. Each room has different activities, some which cost Uptown Kids Dollars, and some which pay you Uptown Kids dollars.

So what exactly will be taking place on the Uptown Kids Day? We will be opening up 10 different shops and experiences for 1st thru 6th grade, which includes 3 new experiences!

Every child starts the day with $10 Uptown Dollars. If you Bring your Bible add $10 more dollars, bring back the postcard for $5 more (it's a coupon) and if you bring a friend we will double your money (only 1x). And of course your friend gets the same amount as you!

Here is a glimpse of all the stores that will be open for Uptown Kids Day.
***All money used is our Uptown Kids Currency

1. Meshach Shadrach and Abednego's Firehouse
In this Room kids will hear the story of these amazing men, and get a chance to make some Shrinky Dink crafts. This room costs $5 per visit!

2. (New and Improved) Hebrews Coffee Shop
We get our name straight from the Bible where He Brews! For the first time ever the coffee shop will have real coffee. Each child will get the opportunity to create their own custom blend of coffee, by selecting the coffee beans of their choice and then grinding them up into the fine powder we know as coffee. All while learning about the heroes of faith found in the book of Hebrews. This room costs $5 per grind, but it will really get things brewing!

3. David's House of Blues
Worried you might not have enough money? David's House of Blues can help. This shop will help you to build some awesome musical crafts (previous instruments have been a guitar, chirpers, drums, tambourines and even a didgeridoo). you get a chance not only to design your instrument, but also to play it and learn about the song book in the Bible (Psalms). Each craft completed will earn you between $5 and $10. But beware this shop can only have 4-5 kids per craft at a time.

4. Esther's Boutique
Need another money making opportunity? Then Esther's is your place. In here you will learn about daily life for ancient Israelite women, as well as get to weave your own baskets and rugs. This room pays well, because for every few lines of weaving you complete you get paid!
Want the basket you just spent time weaving, or maybe you just want one to take home, the shop will sell completed baskets for $15 each. Limited quantity available.

5. Jonah's Seaside Café
Every shopping center needs a nice sit-down restaurant, and Jonah is just that. But They have a unique ordering system, and even more unique cuisine. While it may seem a little fishy, I think everyone who leaves here will understand the point of what Jonah was supposed to share. Come ready to pay though as this room costs $10 per visit.

6. Adam's Rib Joint
Every good Barbeque place has something that makes them famous. And Adam's is no exception. They have the best homemade butter around. Probably because it is made by you. For your wonderful services you not only get the butter, but you get to eat your choice of pancake with it. For only $5 you can eat a pancake and make some butter too!

7.  Daniel's Movie Den
Short on cash? Then this short films room is where to visit. No, we are not watching movies, but this room is no trivial pursuit. We are doing Bible Trivia, your choice of either Bible Drill and Skills Challenge or maybe you can hit a home run in Bible Baseball. Complete the challenge to receive $5.

8. (New and Improved) Manna From Heaven Bakery
Yes the bakery was closed the last time we had Uptown Kids day, and it was sad. But Donut (do-not) fear as it has reappeared and it has a tasty treat. This room will be memorizing Luke 6:37 and frosting a favorite breakfast food- Donuts! It costs $5 per visit, but is so worth it.

9. (New) The Hangar
You may not have known it, but our little Uptown has grown large enough to support its own airport. The hangar will have lots of fun with custom paper airplanes made by you. There are lots of planes designs to try out, but only one can make the right flight. Choose wisely to win big, but every plane made that flies will earn you $5 Uptown cash.

10. Specialty Items
Have you been saving your Uptown dollars? Well there are a few hidden gems. For $50 you can purchase an Uptown Water Bottle, $80 an Uptown Kids Backpack, or $100 both. And we have added a few new looks to our Bottle and Backpack Lineup.

As you can see our town will be very busy today. With a little of something for everyone. Thank you in advance to all my helpers, friends and teachers that have made this day a happen as it takes nearly 40 volunteers for Uptown Kids day to happen!

 - Pastor Charles






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