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Underground Church

Saturday, April 1 - Sunday, April 2, 2017

Underground Church

Saturday, April 1 - Sunday, April 2 | EFBC
Preteens will be spending an awesome weekend learning how they can make a difference with the Gospel of Christ. This weekend will include games at Main Event, small group lessons, and playing Underground Church (directions of play below). They will also experience several speakers from actual missionaries who have been to an underground church.

Sign up to reserve your spot for Main Event and a free t-shirt. Cost is $35 and every friend you bring is $15.

Please complete these forms for each participant and return to the Preteen Ministry.

2017 Preteen Waiver and Release Form

EFBC Activity Participation Agreement

Time Away Card

How to Play

Underground Church

In the start of the game, have everyone in one central place (with us, it is the sanctuary). When everyone is together, have the pastor go find a room/area that they want to designate as the church and hide there. After giving a few minutes to the pastor, let the towns people try to find the pastor. Keep the police in the central area for about 30-45 seconds before releasing them.

The towns people are to find the pastor to find out where the church is. Once the church is found by a member, they hide in that area. The goal is the students want all the members to make it to the church at one time.

However, the police are out to find them. If the police finds someone on the run, they can scream halt and the runners/hiders have to freeze. Once the police have found a town member, they can take up to 2 at a time (one per hand) and place them in jail. Jail is a room of the polices choosing that will hold the captured towns people. Only towns people can be arrested, the pastor cannot be thrown in jail. While in jail, towns people are not allowed to talk. In order to get out of jail, the pastor must find where the jail is and escort up to 2 members at a time (one per hand) to the church. This is a full escort, not just leading them half way and giving instructions.

In the event that the jail is found by the preacher or the church is found by the police, the pastor/police may change the location of the church/jail, but it has to be the pastors decision.

The game ends when ALL the towns people are in the church or when ALL the towns people are in jail.

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