TOPICS Bible Studies

Wednesdays, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Adult Bible Studies designed to provide relevant, practical answers to questions about God and the Christian life.

Class Schedule for July 20

  • Book of Romans
       Fellowship Hall with Pastor Blake Gideon
  • Explore the Bible: 1 Samuel
       Conference Room A201 with Jerry Miller
  • Priscilla Shirer: SEED
       Room W103 with efbcWOMEN Leadership Team
  • 33 Series Volume 3: A Man and his Traps
         Room W105 with Brian Hurd and Derek Schader
  • Prayer Anytime
         Room W104 with Ruby Moy
  • Culture issues: Christianity on Trial
        Room W102 with Clint Roberts
  • Every Believer is a Witness
        Room W106 with Brian Frank
  • iPhone for Ultimate Beginners
        Room W101 with Margret Bruza

Connecting to

His Word

Wednesday Evenings @ EFBC

Wednesday evenings begin with EFBC Dinner Club at 4:45 PM in Fellowship Hall and evening activities for the entire family from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. TOPICS are Adult Bible studies designed to provide relevant, practical answers to questions about God and the Christian life.

  • ChildCare
    birth thru two years on the first floor of the Children’s Wing
  • CLUB 252
    three years thru kindergarten on the first floor of the Children’s Wing
  • CLUB 252
    1st grade thru 4th grade on the second floor of the Children’s Wing
    5th thru 6th grade on the second floor of the Children’s Wing
    7th grade thru 12th grade in the Student Life Center located on the second floor above Fellowship Hall

Ongoing TOPICS Classes

Book of Romans

Written to the Christians in Rome and believers everywhere, Paul writes an organized and carefully presented statement of his faith.

  • Led by Pastor Blake Gideon
  • Meet in Fellowship Hall


This is EFBC’s ongoing women’s Wednesday TOPICS class. Every Wednesday there will be a class just for you as a woman. Want to make this summer ‘The Summer’ that you crow spiritually as a woman? The summer you will always remember? Join Michele Scheffe and other efbcWOMEN’s Ministry Team members as we examine Priscilla Shirer’s modern-day parables about armoring ourselves against the enemy’s endless efforts to tear us down and take our joy!

  • Led by the efbcWOMEN Leadership Team
  • Meet in Room W103

Explore the Bible: 1 Samuel

This study is open to everyone and also great for anyone who wants to get a head start on the Connection Group lesson for the upcoming Sunday morning Bible study or if you will be out and don’t want to miss a lesson. A study of 1 Samuel will reveal the primacy of God's glory. While the lives of some (Eli, his sons, and Saul) made a mockery of God and defamed Him by their actions. These lessons will lead us to confront the call to exhalt God alone.

  • Led by Jerry Miller
  • Meet in Conference Room A201 located on the second floor above the main Church Office.

Summer TOPICS Classes

Prayer Anytime

A time to pray for one another, our church, and to learn how to grow in your prayer life. This will become an ongoing class after the summer session.

  • Meet in Room W104
  • Led by Ruby Moy

33 The Series Volume III: A Man and His Traps

A man and His Traps challenges and equips men to go below the surface, to look deep into their hearts and explore some areas that are all too easy to ignore but that are critical in their journey toward Authentic Manhood. It introduces a framework and a process that will help men understand what lies behind the manhood traps and beneath the heart idols that can distract them from the truth and the power of the Gospel.

Then it unfolds a biblical battle plan that helps men replace specific temptations and struggles with God's better promises. It deals head-on with issues that all of us as men can relate to like lust, the need for control, unfounded fear and the pursuit of significance.

  • Meet in Room W105
  • Led by Bryan Hurd and Derek Schader

Culture issues: Christianity on Trial

How do you answer the biggest accusations against Christians today. Issues covered include religion causes wars, Christians think they are superior, Christians are anti-science, Christians are anti-gay, and more.

  • Meet in Room W102
  • Led by Clint Roberts

Every Believer is a Witness

Jesus wants us to be His witnesses. Learn simple and effective ways to share your faith every day in a conversational way in this nine weeks class.

  • Meet in Room W106
  • Led by Brian Frank

iPhone for Ultimate Beginners

For the ultimate beginner, through practice and repetition, we will learn how to add contacts, block callers, text family and friends, navigate social media, take selfies, search and download apps, and much more. We will also learn how to follow Pastor on Twitter, watch sermons on YouTube, and find EFBC’s weekly news feed. Questions are encouraged.

  • Meet in Room W101 (note room change)
  • Led by Margret Bruza


TOPICS classes are for all adults. New classes will begin periodically and will be posted here. Classes are not age graded - you may attend the class of your choice.

Meeting Time
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Contact Brian Frank by EMAIL or call the Church Office, 405-341-0253, Monday - Thursday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Fridays from 8:00 AM to noon.

New to EFBC?
Look for a greeter in the main lobby on Wednesdays for assistance on locating a TOPICS class.

Kids Activities?
Yes! We have activities available for the entire family, including CLUB 252 for preschool and children, to Endurance for students.