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TOPICS Bible Studies

Wednesdays, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Adult Bible Studies designed to provide relevant, practical answers to questions about God and the Christian life.

Connecting to

His Word

Wednesday Evenings @ EFBC

Wednesday evenings begin with an EFBC Fellowship Meal at 4:45 PM in Fellowship Hall and evening activities for the entire family from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. TOPICS are Adult Bible studies designed to provide relevant, practical answers to questions about God and the Christian life.

  • ChildCare
    birth thru two years on the first floor of the Children’s Wing
  • CLUB 252
     three years thru kindergarten on the first floor of the Children’s Wing
  • G.L.O.W.
     1st grade thru 4th grade on the second floor of the Children’s Wing
  • HYPE
     5th thru 6th grade on the second floor of the Children’s Wing
     7th grade thru 12th grade in the Student Life Center located on the second floor above Fellowship Hall

Schedule and Information


Current Class Schedule

More in depth descriptions and videos may be found below.  Continuing classes include:

  • NEW Six-Week Class begins on April 11.  A disciple-making study in Philippians, led by Bob Mayfield, will meet in Room 112.
  • Daniel: Out of the Lion’s Den (resumes April 18 - Brian Frank will be the guest speaker on April 11) A study through Daniel; with Pastor Blake in Fellowship Hall. The book of Daniel offers you the knowledge that God is still at work, the confidence that it is possible to remain faithful to Christ, and the strength to live for Him. Join this class at any time. (ongoing).
  • Women's Bible Study: Loving God and Others led by the efbcWOMEN Leadership in Room 115. Book $10. Join this class at any time. (ongoing)
  • Explore the Bible “Corinthians” with Jerry Miller in Room 201. Join this class at any time. (ongoing).

TEN World Changers

  • Led by Billy Fuller
  • Meet in Room 206
  • You may join this class at any time.

"The Ten Who changed the World" looks at missionaries and leaders who followed God in faith and the repercussions of that following faith which are still being felt today. The lives of most believers rarely escape the routine schedules, routine interests, the familiarity of life. But the trajectory of our faith should be one that is constantly sending us outward to unfamiliar places, uncomfortable environments, and new challenges. All due to a message that God first extended to us…so we may extend that same message to others. For a chosen few who have allowed the familiar to take a backseat and followed God with faith He has changed the world. 

The Ten Who have Changed the World is by no means an exhaustive list of men and women who have dared to follow God, but hopefully will be enough of a list that we too may desire to lay aside our fear and follow God in faith. From Edmond to Everywhere. 

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Loving God and Others

  • Led by the efbcWOMEN Leadership Team.
  • Meet in Room 115.
  • Book cost is $10.
  • You may join this class at any time.

The Heart of True Faith: What Does God Really Want from You? It’s easy to get confused about how to please God. One Bible teacher details a long list of the commands you should be keeping. The next teacher says only grace matters. Who is right?

Centuries ago, in answer to this question, Jesus simplified all the rules and regulations of the Law into just two great commands: love God and love people.

Loving God and Others looks at how these two commands define the heart of Christian faith. As you rest in the certain knowledge of what God calls you to, you will be challenged to live these commands out - and discover how obeying Jesus’ simple commands will transform not only your life but also the lives of those around you.

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Explore the Bible Series

  • Led by Jerry Miller
  • Meet in Room 201 located on the second floor above the main Church Office.
  • You may join this class at any time.

Spring 2018: 1, 2 Corinthians
"Passionate. Powerful. Purposeful. These three terms are good, comprehensive descriptors of the letters to the Corinthian church. Both letters contain passionate responses to doctrinal and practical matters that needed attention. Each section, chapter, and verse are purposeful by design, addressing those issues with sound theology, keen insight, and gospel-centeredness. Without a doubt, the Corinthian correspondence reveals a powerful presentation of gospel truths and applications, written ably in argument and clarity."

This study is open to everyone and also great for anyone who wants to get a head start on the Connection Group lesson for the upcoming Sunday morning Bible study or if you will be out and don’t want to miss a lesson. 


TOPICS classes are for all adults. New classes will begin periodically and will be posted here. Classes are not age graded - you may attend the class of your choice.

Meeting Time
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Contact Brian Frank by EMAIL or call the Church Office, 405-341-0253, Monday - Thursday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Fridays from 8:00 AM to noon.

New to EFBC?
Look for a greeter in the main lobby on Wednesdays for assistance on locating a TOPICS class.

Kids Activities?
Yes! We have activities available for the entire family, including CLUB 252 for preschool and children, to Endurance for students.