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Building Together

Connecting to

His Church

"Buildings and physical plants are quite ordinary and certainly not as thrilling as winning someone to the Lord or taking the Gospel to another country. However, they are as much a necessity for carrying out our mission as the other ministries of our church.

"Like early Christians, we are a “company of the committed,” and the “church building” is where we go to be equipped, trained, refreshed and restored in order to go back out into the field.

"Not everyone is called to the mission field, but we are all called to share whatever blessings and gifts we have been given, and one blessing we have been given is money which we can use to build these facilities to further his kingdom.

"Our church is blessed with generous, gracious folks who always step up to such a challenge, and I know they will meet this one."

- Ruth B. Boss

"When we first started hearing of plans to complete the vision set out by our church many years ago, we thought…how can we help? Then, in April, we were invited to attend an informational fellowship, and when we left the presentation, there was no doubt in our hearts that we wanted to share in this project.

"The return on our investment will be the ongoing passion that Edmond’s First Baptist Church has for reaching out to individuals, families, and entire neighborhoods in our city. We are happy to share what God has blessed us with, and we look forward to this completed vision. Let’s Build Together!"

- Verland and Patty Brewster

"For years we have been praying that our church might become a "lighthouse" in our Edmond community. We have begun to see our prayers being answered, as God has blessed our membership with 400 new members in 2015. As we continue to multiply, we desperately need the space to accommodate these precious additions!

"God has given Pastor Blake a wonderful vision for our church for the days and years ahead!!!

"Let's all join together in the "Building Together" program, praying and trusting God to make this vision a REALITY!!!!"

- Bob and Jerry Brown

"When we first heard about the new building program, we knew first hand there was a need for new Connection Group rooms. Our current facility has been "maxed out" for Connection groups. It is time for us to find a way to build and grow. Our new building program challenges each of us to actively participate and fulfill the Lord's will.

"Through our 40 years as members of FBC, there have been many building programs. This time we feel the "crunch" and the need to build. Please consider actively supporting this building program as we continue to study God's word and spread the good news. Building together is our responsibility. Please pray for guidance."

- Bob and Becky Gourley

"Our family is blessed to be a part of BUILDING TOGETHER as it conforms to our church’s vision statement:

'We are a Family of Faith Passionately Connecting to Christ, His Church, His Word, and His Mission for His Glory.'

"To play a part in such an endeavor is indeed a blessing and we look forward to seeing the results within the next five years of the campaign. While the economy may not be as good as we had hoped, we are still led to believe that now is the time to forge ahead with such plans to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. I foresee that the effort will be successful, if we continue to seek God’s guidance and communicate the need to have all members committed to such an endeavor with their financial resources.

"Sacrificial giving is required of all to see success in this undertaking. The resources are available and I am confident that our members will respond accordingly to see this effort succeed, as we have seen in the past.

"Marilyn and I feel honored to be participants in this worthy building effort."

- Phil and Marilyn Jones

"It is my conviction that as a child of God, I can never out give God in time invested in His Kingdom work or financial contributions. While my life has had its share of “ups and downs,” in retrospect, I can see God’s hand in everything that has occurred and can verify and acknowledge that all the spiritual, physical and financial blessings I have received and enjoyed are the direct result of His goodness, mercy and grace to me and my family.

"There are times when I could have been a better steward of what God provided, but I have never been forsaken by my heavenly Father. It is my strong conviction that I can never out give God. Though my pledge to our building program may seem to be beyond my reach, it is not beyond the ability of God to provide, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

- Jim and Dianne Lee

"We know that God gave everything to us, including His Son, Jesus, because He loves us, making it so important to us to be a part of the growth of Edmond’s First Baptist Church and the community of Edmond. Currently our church’s future growth potential is adversely affected by our inability to provide space for our education needs. The new space planned will jump start more outreach of our church to the mission field all around Edmond, and provide much needed space for more people to grow in their newfound relationships with Christ developed at the church.

"Martha grew up in a home where she was taught that “you can never out give God”, in tithe, time, as well as in your personal devotion to the Lord… We felt led to give to Building Together as a way for us to honor her dad, by continuing to give of his legacy to a program he would be proud to know would help grow another church’s ministry."

- Johnny and Martha Siler

"Throughout the Bible we read that believers met in the temple, synagogues, and churches to worship God (Acts 2:42, 46 and Acts 10:25). Jesus regularly went to the synagogue to read and teach the scriptures to the people and Paul often went to a Jewish synagogue to teach the scriptures, reason with the Jews, and present the gospel to those in attendance.

"God still wants us to worship Him, not only individually, but also as a group. The church building provides a place. It is a place where we can gather to worship God together as a group; it is a place where we can grow and gain a better understanding of the scriptures; it is a place where we can use our tithes and offerings to spread the gospel to the lost in our local community and throughout the entire world and a place where we can have fellowship, pray, and encourage one another in our faith. It provides a place for each of us to connect “to Christ, His Church, His Word, and His Mission, for His Glory.”

"In order to have such a place with adequate space to teach the scriptures and fulfill God’s mission, each of us needs to donate financially beyond our tithe. We need to pray for God’s guidance and trust that He will provide for all our needs as we give financially toward the building of additional space to our current building."

- Roger and Anita Smith

"We are excited to be a part of helping to fund the new education building and provide for a modern kitchen and a larger fellowship hall. Our new role as directors of a connection group has made us keenly aware of how desperately this extra space is needed.

"This isn’t just another building campaign. This is the opportunity to create space for more connection groups and enable us to fulfill the church’s mission of connecting people to Christ, His Church, His Word and His Mission for His Glory!!"

- Bill and Cheryl Tredway

"In praying for God’s direction, our family determined that giving towards the costs of the new building is what God wants us to do and to not be stingy. We know that this new addition will help our church enhance our Christian discipleship and our fellowship with one another.

"Our church has made large investments in Christian education space over the 44 years that I have been a part of this fellowship and with this new addition, the fruits of those investments will continue for many generations.

"Please join our family in giving to this worthy cause as we seek to worship and glorify God in everything we do."

- The Chip Winter Family