Multiply Strategy

3.5.1 Multiply Stickers

What is most important to EFBC? Fulfilling our vision: “A Family of Faith Passionately Connecting to Christ, His Church, His Word, and His Mission for His Glory” through our Connection Groups. How do we do this?  One way to help you do this is our new EFBC Sticker.  Put it on your car or prominent place to remind you to pray for 3, invite 5, and share the gospel with 1.  It will prompt questions from friends and others to allow you to invite and share.  Pick one up today in the Church Office. They are free.

What is a Successful Connection Group?

Connection Groups (CG) are Edmond’s First Baptist Church’s strategy to fulfill our vision in obedience to Christ’s command in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). What makes a successful CG?  Every CG should fulfill the vision of EFBC to Connect people to Christ, His Church, His Word and His Mission for His glory. These four areas are the foundation for every CG:

  • Connecting people to Christ that’s evangelism. CG’s should be actively sharing the Gospel.  That’s the 1 of 3-5-1.
  • Connecting to His Church is fellowship and worship.  CG’s should be ‘doing life together’ in fellowship and ministry with their CG and connecting with the body of Christ in worship. Inviting people to connect with the CG and worship is the 5 of  3-5-1. 
  • Connecting to His Word is discipleship. Every week the Bible is taught in CG. 
  • Connecting to His Mission is where we take the Gospel to the world through ministry.  

The ultimate goal of every CG is to multiply leaders and Connection Groups.  Just as a healthy plant grows, every healthy CG should have a plan to grow.  Have a plan to multiply its leaders through apprentices (directors, teachers, outreach, mission, and connection leaders); sending leaders to other areas of EFBC to serve; and to start new CG’s.   If we aren’t reaching new people and creating places for them to connect with EFBC and starting new CG’s, then we aren’t being obedient to Christ’s command.  Let’s worship God by working to grow His Kingdom for His Glory.  

Connecting to


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Fulfilling the MULTIPLY Strategy

Edmond’s First Baptist Church (EFBC) strategy for fulfilling our mission is through Connection Groups. When Connection Groups are fulfilling EFBC’s mission statement, EFBC will grow.

When we are faithful to fulfill God’s desire through the Connection Group strategy, He will bless us with growth.

This is what the Multiply DNA of EFBC looks like.