“Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful.”

Luke 6:36

Connecting to


Preschool Ministry is “On Mission”

The Preschool Ministry is collecting school supplies (pencils, crayons, glue sticks, etc.) as part of their October and early November mission project. These will be sent to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where John Mark and Cathy Toby are involved as associational missionaries. School supplies are needed year round to assist local schools and reach people with the Gospel. Bowling Green has about 138,000 people and it is estimated that 90,000 do not know Jesus. As preschoolers hear about these missionaries they are reminded to pray for:

  • Hope House, where people receive help for families.
  • People in Bowling Greens to want to love Jesus.
  • Pastors and members as they share Christ.

Friendship International

Thursdays | 9:15 AM - 11:30 AM | Henderson Hills
The Purpose of Friendship International is to meet the needs of international women in an expression of Christian love. We have women from more than 30 countries, many of whom have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Meeting once a week, we share God’s love as we teach five levels of English as a Second Language plus citizenship. It is never too late to join. Childcare is available for birth through pre-kindergarten.

Baptist Mission Center Project 

Wednesday, October 9 | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM | Baptist Mission Center
Everyone is welcome to serve at the Baptist Mission Center. The Mission Center welcomes any donations of personal care items, twin sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and canned food items. Drop off donations at EFBC’s Church Office by the Tuesday before each monthly event date. For details, contact Carl Schwab, 405-348-7835.

Sewing Ministry

Monday, October 7 | 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM | Room 231 
Join other ladies of EFBC each month as we fellowship together while using the simple talent of sewing fabric for use in ministry with boys, girls, and their families from across the state. Beginners are welcome!

Hope Pregnancy Center Edmond

Edmond's First has partnered with the Hope Pregnancy Center Edmond for Harvest and will be helping host a monthly dinner at Edmond's First on the first Friday of each month. This is a wonderful way for your Connection Group to help this amazing ministry. For more information, contact Brian Frank, 405-888-1392, EMAIL Brian. 

Homebound Ministry

Help with homebound church members homes by cleaning and doing yard work. If your Connection Group is interested in helping with this mission, contact Brian Frank, 405-888-1392, EMAIL Brian.

Connecting Through

Multiply Me

Three Steps to Multiplying your Group 

Step One: Apply
Click on the MULTIPLY ME button and fill out the simple form that requests a specific project that matches your Connection Groups desire and skill. You will quickly receive a handpicked assignment with a Project Description, supplies needed, and budget.

Step Two: Schedule
As your Connection Groups contact person, your next job is to take that project back to your connection group. You will need to schedule a day that works best for your group to complete the project. Also you will need to discuss other ideas and needs that might fir alongside of "Your Project". You can schedule with the missions office other needs that your group has (Van usage, supplies not provided by your connection group, and Date of the project).

Step Three: Report
While working on "Your Project" assign a member of your class to take pictures, jot down memories, and use the report back button below the "Multiply Me" on the Missions page.

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