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Help Collect School Supplies 

EFBC’s Oak Ridge Estates Ministry will be collecting school supplies for the upcoming school year. Here are some ways that your Connection Group (CG) can help!

  • Your CG can sponsor a specific item (provide all the pens/pencils/crayons needed).
  • Your CG can encourage individuals to use the “NEEDS” list in the Foyer to purchase specific school supplies.
  • Your CG can take up a collection and donate it to the “Oak Ridge School Supply Fund”.

Look for us in the Foyer on the mornings ofJuly 23, July 30, and August 6, for more information about getting involved in this great ministry!

Interested in Missions this Year?

Portland, Oregon | The Refuge Church
Mission Trip Dates:  August 2 - August 6, 2017
Status:  It's not too late to join this mission trip. 

A mission trip to Portland, Oregon with Adrian Jordan and The Refuge Church. Adrian was sent from EFBC as a church planter in 2015 and has been working with his wife Janae in the Lloyd District of Portland, Oregon.

"On Mission" T-Shirts

Great for wearing anytime you are involved in an EFBC mission project, “On Mission” T-Shirts for the Service Days Mission Projects will be available for order by contacting LISA ASHFORD. Cost will be $10 per shirt, 2XL $11.75, 3XL $12.75. 

Baptist Mission Center Project

Wednesday, July 19 | 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM | Baptist Mission Center
Everyone is welcome to join the HappyTimers’ Ministry as they volunteer at the Baptist Mission Center Pharmacy in Oklahoma City. Meet at EFBC at 8:00 AM and return by noon.

The Mission Center welcomes any donations of food, clothing, household items, etc. Drop off donations at EFBC’s Church Office by the Tuesday before each mission date. (Please note we are no longer able to accept used medication bottles) For more information, contact Carl Schwab, 405-348-7835.  Follow BAPTIST MISSION

Connecting Through

Multiply Me

Multiply ME

Edmond's First Baptist Church (EFBC) is a "Family of Faith Passionately Connecting to His Mission"and that mission takes us down the street across the country and around the world. Here you will find updates on how EFBC Connects to His Mission. You will also find ways that you can join us in fulfilling that vision as well. EFBC is involved in projects all over the city.

If you or your Connection Group (Sunday School) would like info about how you can be involved in one of these projects, complete the online form at MULTIPLY ME or contact Billy Fuller, 405-473-2836, EMAIL BILLY.




Local Missions

Multiply ME
Report Back

Baptist Mission Centers
Oak Ridge Estates
Nick Tarter in OKC

North American Missions

New York

World Missions




Fall 2016 India Mission Trip

EFBC’s vision to plant churches and be relentless on declaring the Gospel to the ends of the earth sent a team of five halfway across the world to Demapur, India. India is a country of billions on a land mass about a third the size of the USA. They are filled with new languages, exotic foods, and ancient religions. Every part of the adventure the EFBC team experienced was new and life changing.

We witnessed how God is using the simple things to make the biggest differences for the cause of Christ in a land that has been dark and lost for most of its history. Our team taught Vacation Bible School to 300 kids who were more than eager to learn about who Jesus is and what He has done specifically for them. We traveled to house churches in villages far off the roads from anything modern where families are learning how to share Christ with their neighbors and friends. These churches are so much like the first church, eager to learn about God’s plan and willing to sacrifice and share whatever they have for the cause of Christ in their community. The final purpose of the mission trip was to train churches to send out, multiply, and minister to new leaders, who will become house church pastors, disciplers, and baptize to those that receive God’s word.

EFBC's team is astonished by God’s love on the front lines in places like India. We are praying and seeking His guidance on how we should go forward and serve in the future. We are excited to say that God is good in all things and He makes our paths straight. Join us in prayer as we learn God’s plan for EFBC Missions and how we can go forward with serving Him in places like India.

Three Steps
to Multiplying your Group 

Step One: Apply
Click on the MULTIPLY ME button and fill out the simple form that requests a specific project that matches your Connection Groups desire and skill. You will quickly receive a handpicked assignment with a Project Description, supplies needed, and budget.

Step Two: Schedule
As your Connection Groups contact person, your next job is to take that project back to your connection group. You will need to schedule a day that works best for your group to complete the project. Also you will need to discuss other ideas and needs that might fir alongside of "Your Project". You can schedule with the missions office other needs that your group has (Van usage, supplies not provided by your connection group, and Date of the project).

Step Three: Report
While working on "Your Project" assign a member of your class to take pictures, jot down memories, and use the report back button below the "Multiply Me" on the Missions page.