“Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful.”

Luke 6:36

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Neighboring Your Neighbor

Share hospitality with your neighbors and reach out to others. Consider shopping for groceries, dropping off a note with a helpful household item, or "Chalk the Walk" by writing a scripture on your driveway. Learn more about Neighboring Your Neighbor by visiting BLESS.

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An Opportunity to Serve!

Sew Masks for Local Hospitals
Looking for an opportunity to serve during this time of great need? Local hospitals are requesting sewn masks. If you would like to help, please contact Barbara Dooley, 405-620-6903, jbldooley@cox.net for more information and instructions on how to sew the masks. Please note the church campus is closed, but this is a way you can contribute from the safety of your home.


Edmond Outlook

"A group at Edmond’s First Baptist Church, Seams Like Love, has discovered that hand-stitched quilts, pillowcases or clothes can bring great joy to other people." Read Article

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Connecting Through

Multiply Me

Three Steps to Multiplying your Group 

Step One: Apply
Click on the MULTIPLY ME button and fill out the simple form that requests a specific project that matches your Connection Groups desire and skill. You will quickly receive a handpicked assignment with a Project Description, supplies needed, and budget.

Step Two: Schedule
As your Connection Groups contact person, your next job is to take that project back to your connection group. You will need to schedule a day that works best for your group to complete the project. Also you will need to discuss other ideas and needs that might fir alongside of "Your Project". You can schedule with the missions office other needs that your group has (Van usage, supplies not provided by your connection group, and Date of the project).

Step Three: Report
While working on "Your Project" assign a member of your class to take pictures, jot down memories, and use the report back button below the "Multiply Me" on the Missions page.

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