“Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful.”

Luke 6:36

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Christmas Store

Everyone is welcome to volunteer and help the Baptist Mission Center in Oklahoma City prepare for the annual Christmas Store. The Baptist Mission is in need of food, toys, gifts for teenagers, and personal care items. Please bring items to the Church by Sunday, December 15.

Christmas Store needs include gifts for the following age groups:

  • Birth - 1 Year
    This is the lightest area of demand. Maybe 10% of the families we serve have children in this category.
  • 1-5 Years
    Easy age to purchase for. The dollar stores are a good source for this age group. Make sure they are age appropriate.
  • 6-12 Years
    By far the largest group we service.
  • 13-18 Years
    Difficult age to purchase for, but we historically fall short in this group every year. Gift cards (stores, fast food, etc.) work well.
  • Blankets and Quilts

Volunteer Opportunities

Serve on the BIG DAY, Thursday, December 19, when families can shop in the Christmas Store at Exchange Avenue Baptist Church. On the BIG DAY, volunteers will help with the Christmas Store by:

  • helping families shop and select gifts for their families.
  • helping them to their cars.
  • praying with them for a Merry Christmas!

More Information

For more information, contact Carl Schwab, 405-348-7835, EMAIL Carl.

Preschool and Children’s Mission Christmas

Winter can be a brutal time of year especially if you need warm clothes and have no means of purchasing necessary items. The Preschool Ministry and Children’s Ministry will be collecting the following as part of our mission program:

  • New socks (all sizes), gloves, scarves, hats, and new underwear (all sizes). These will be taken to the Mission Center the first week of January.
  • Please encourage your child to pick out the new items and bring to the Children’s Wing for drop off by December 29.

Sewing Ministry

Monday, December 16 | 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM | Room 231 
Beginners welcome! Join us on the second floor of the Children’s Wing as we fellowship together while using the simple talent of sewing fabric for use in ministry with boys, girls, and their families from across the state and world.

Friendship International

Thursdays | 9:15 AM - 11:30 AM | Henderson Hills
The Purpose of Friendship International is to meet the needs of international women in an expression of Christian love. We have women from more than 30 countries, many of whom have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Meeting once a week, we share God’s love as we teach five levels of English as a Second Language plus citizenship. It is never too late to join. Childcare is available for birth through pre-kindergarten.

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Multiply Me

Three Steps to Multiplying your Group 

Step One: Apply
Click on the MULTIPLY ME button and fill out the simple form that requests a specific project that matches your Connection Groups desire and skill. You will quickly receive a handpicked assignment with a Project Description, supplies needed, and budget.

Step Two: Schedule
As your Connection Groups contact person, your next job is to take that project back to your connection group. You will need to schedule a day that works best for your group to complete the project. Also you will need to discuss other ideas and needs that might fir alongside of "Your Project". You can schedule with the missions office other needs that your group has (Van usage, supplies not provided by your connection group, and Date of the project).

Step Three: Report
While working on "Your Project" assign a member of your class to take pictures, jot down memories, and use the report back button below the "Multiply Me" on the Missions page.

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