Uptown Kids Marketplace

So what exactly will be taking place in the Uptown Kids Marketplace?  On Sunday, March 4, we will be opening up 9 different shops and experiences for 1st thru 5th grade. Here is a glimpse of all that is going on.
***All money used is our Uptown Kids Currency

1. Meshach Shadrach and Abednego's Firehouse

In this Room kids will hear the story of these amazing men, and get a chance to make some Shrinky Dink crafts. This room costs $5 per visit!

2. Hebrews Coffee Shop

We get our name straight from the Bible where He Brews! While this room will not be serving up coffee, we will have soda samples from all around the world. If you can guess the flavor or answer a trivia question about the book of Hebrews than you can earn a free sample, otherwise it is $5 per visit.

3. David's House of Blues

Worried you might not have enough money? David's House of Blues can help. This shop will help you to build some awesome musical crafts (a guitar, chirpers and even a didgeridoo). you get a chance not only to design your instrument, but also to play it and learn about the song book in the Bible (Psalms). Each craft completed will earn you between $5 and $10. But beware this shop can only have12 per craft.

4. Esther's Boutique

Need another money making opportunity? Then Esther's is your place. In here you will learn about daily life for ancient Israelite women, as well as get to weave your own baskets and rugs. This room pays well, because for every few lines of weaving you complete you get paid!

5. Jonah's Seaside Café

Every shopping center needs a nice sit-down restaurant, and Jonah is just that. But They have a unique ordering system, and even more unique cuisine. While it may seem a little fishy, I think everyone who leaves here will understand the point of what Jonah was supposed to share. Come ready to pay though as this room costs $10 per visit.

6. Adam's Rib Joint

Every good Barbeque place has something that makes them famous. And Adam's is no exception. They have the best homemade butter around. Probably because it is made by you. For your wonderful services you not only get the butter, but you also earn $5 per visit.

7. Manna From Heaven Bakery

Mmmm…something smells almost heavenly in the air, it must be the bakery! This shop is known for its gourmet pancakes with fillings of every kind. This shop is expensive at $15 per visit, but so worth it, maybe even to visit twice!

8. Noah's Arkade

Noah spent 40 days and 40 nights on a boat with lots of animals, and if he had half of the things we will in this awesome Arcade then he never would have been bored. This room costs $5 for 5 mins.

9. Daniel's Movie Den

Short films are Daniel's specialty along with amazing popcorn! Check outside the theater for movie times and titles. Cost is $5 per movie and as goes with every theater $5 for popcorn.

As you can see our town will be very busy today. With a little of something for everyone. Thank you in advance to all my helpers, friends and teachers that have made this day a happen.

Pastor Charles