Making the Right Choice at Christmas


The secularists as well as the advocates of competing religions have been partly successful in our country at either stripping the Christmas season of its religious dimension or diluting it with other celebrations and demanding status for their convictions. We could be sidetracked at this time of year into blasting these sentiments or lamenting the loss of the unique place Christmas has been historically afforded in American life.

Of course, we ourselves have helped in the process of either secularization or ideological confusion. We have often given lip service to Jesus without yielding our lives totally to Him and living out the implications of the Christmas story. What do I mean?

Think about it.

  • Christmas means that GOD LOVES US and gave His Son.
  • Christmas means that GOD CAME TO US and lived among us.
  • Christmas means that GOD CAME FOR US to do what we could never do for ourselves.

What's not to like about that story! Should we not spend the lion's share of our energies wildly celebrating this truth rather than arguing with those who do not believe it?

If you just got married recently and are living in the mindless bliss of early matrimony, so what if somebody says to you, "You know, I don't believe in marriage. I think marriage was an invention of the church to control the behavior of people. Marriage does not exist!"

Are you going to go to your room and cry and scream, "I thought I was happily married but I was just told there is no such thing! Boo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo!"

I think not. You're probably going to tell that person, "If you had experienced what I'm experiencing, you wouldn't knock it. You would have a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Pardon me, but I'm going home to my sweetheart. We're married, you see!"

I'm not saying that we should not be concerned about cultural deterioration. I am saying that we must not miss the wonder and joy of the season because we focus on Christ's detractors rather than focusing on Christ Himself.

Jesus is the source of life, hope, and joy! "O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord."

Alan Day, Senior Pastor



Making the Right Choice at Christmas