Student Leaders

Student Leadership

The 2019-2020 Student Leadership Team “New Year” will kick off on Sunday, August 25, 2019, from 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM in the Student Life Center.

The Student Leadership Team is open to all students, 6th - 12th grade, who are interested in going deeper as a disciple and to be part of serving in the Student Ministry. We will meet a total of six times throughout the year and we typically meet right after Connection Groups on Sunday morning.

Our purpose when we meet is to study God’s word, sharpen each other, fellowship, and prepare for activities that are coming up in the Student Ministry. Students will also earn leadership points as they serve. Leadership points are required for students to go to Super Summer in the spring of 2020.

Super Summer is a leadership camp at Oklahoma Baptist University and it exists to strengthen students that are leaders in their student ministry.

What is Super Summer?

Super Summer exists to inspire and equip students as Kingdom-minded leaders. Super Summer focuses on 5 core values; spiritual growth, Spiritual Disciplines, Leadership, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Service/Ministry.

Beginning in 1986 as a training opportunity for youth ministers to bring Christian young people who were interested in advancing their personal spiritual growth. Super Summer has over 3000 participants and promises to continue growth as the need for student leaders intensifies.

Super Summer Oklahoma is an independent camp operated by a board of directors made up of youth ministers, pastors, and laymen. Super Summer takes place at Oklahoma Baptist University the first three full weeks of June each year.

God continues to prompt Super Summer Oklahoma to provide a cutting edge vision and resource to churches and youth pastors that will effectively explode this generation of Christian teens into a world that desperately needs hope and salvation.

Curriculum revolves around these themes:

  • Personal Holiness
  • Practical ministry to the world they see and the world they don’t see.
  • Christ-like leadership qualities
  • Intentional missional impact

What Super Summer Is Not

  • For the casually committed member of youth group
  • For spiritually lost teens

Camp Breakdown

  • Students are divided into schools.
  • This is done by grade, starting with students completing the 7th grade through students completing their senior year of high school.
  • Students are given a family group consisting of 1-2 adult leaders and 10-12 students.
  • Each family group is integrated with students from different churches.
  • Family groups are intended to facilitate thoughts and conversations of the teaching and provide a “family” atmosphere away from home.

Basic Rundown

  • Each school has large group teaching times followed by family group sessions.
  • The afternoon incorporates a variety of physical and spiritual options.
  • The evening provides an interactive and responsive worship opportunity in music, video, and the challenging teaching that leads into the final family time of the day.
  • Thursday dinner allows for local churches to eat together and reconnect before returning home on Friday.


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The Church Office is available Monday - Thursday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at 405-341-0253.

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