Human Exploitation

Human Exploitation is the unethical, selfish use of human beings for the satisfaction of personal desires and/or profitable advantage.

Monday, May 7, at 7:00 PM in Fellowship Hall North

What is Human Exploitation and How Can You Get Involved?  Circle Monday, May 7, on your calendar to hear from Paula Adams, State Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) President, as she helps us understand more about the human trafficking dilemma that is running rampant throughout the world, even in Oklahoma!

Bring a friend, plan to make a difference as you become involved through prayer, and hear other areas that Paula will share so we can help make a difference in lives of women everywhere. Remember 7:00 PM on the first Monday of May.

For more information, contact Marilyn Jones, 405-607-2866, or Teresa Roberts, 405-285-8892.


Project HELP:  Human Exploitation

Uncomfortable facts are hard to absorb.  So, what does one do about situations like these?  How do Christians respond so that life can be better?  How can we stop the cycle or decrease the demand?  God has always given His people improbable jobs.  This challenge is no different.

  • The trafficking of women, children, and men into the United Sates for use in the sex industry, sweatshop labor, domestic servitude, and migrant agricultural labor has been estimated to involve 14,500 to 17,500 persons annually.
  • Current statistics show that more than one-third of the visitors to all adult (porn) web sites are women and that more than 9 million women visit adult web sites each month.

Human Exploitation includes these issues:

  • Human trafficking (labor)
  • Human trafficking (sex)
  • Pornography and sexting
  • Media's exploitation of children and families
  • Bullying, cyberbullying, queen bee bullying
  • Exploitation of natural resources for personal gain.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the commerce and trade of people, legally or illegally, for modern-day slavery, forced labor, and servitude.

  • Labor Trafficking:  In order to entrap women, men, and children into labor or services, traffickers will use force, fraud, or coercion.  They recruit, harbor, transport, or purchase their victims.
  • Sex Trafficking:  Sex trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, provision, or obtaining of a person in order that a commercial sex act can be induced, often by force, fraud, or coercion.  (Source: U.S. Department of State)

Pornography and Sexting

Pornography is like fog. It settles in and blocks out view. Pornography is sexually explicit material designed specifically to cause arousal and today it permeates our surroundings.

What is sexting and why the connection to pornography? Sexting is the use of a cell phone for sending sexual words and pictures, especially among teens. It has some characteristics of pornography.

Media's Exploitation of Children and Families

Visual, verbal, or tactile messages are communicated through a variety of media.  The most common formats include TV, videos, video games, computers, music, movies, animation, magazines, CD's, DVD's, radio, phone, etc.  In this age of positive and negative image bombardment all of must make a decision about what is good and what is not.

Media tools can be used for good.  However, they are often used to send negative information or images that affect children and families.  That same media also opens the door for children, teens, young adults, and adults to be enlisted for inappropriate roles that are billed as entertainment.

Bullying, Cyberbullying, Queen Bee Bullying

Bullying is the act of treating others in an abusive manner through force or coercion or threatening language or behavior.  Bullying another person dishonors and disrespects them.

Cyberbullying.  This kind of bullying victimizes an individual through the internet, interactive technologies, or a mobile phone causing willful and repeated harm.

Queen Bees are simply mean-spirited girls who bully other girls.  Their tactics may be physical, verbal, or emotional, and their intent is to hurt others.

Exploitation of Natural Resources for Personal Gain

God's first commandment to His new creation (man and woman) was to take care of the earth and to care for and respect each other.  He made us interdependent - human to human and human to natural resources.

Exploitation of natural resources is the misuse and abuse of the abundant creation which God has entrusted to us.  It is also the disrespect of neighbors - those present, those to come, or citizens in another country.  As we disregard the earth, we may be creating an unequal burden on those who are most vulnerable.

Human Exploitation

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