FAQ Project

FAQ: Proposed Building Expansion Project

Q. What are the objectives of EFBC’s Proposed Building Expansion Project?
A. They are fourfold:

  1. Education space for 500
  2. Fellowship space for 800-1000
  3. Expanded and updated kitchen
  4. Interconnection to existing buildings

Q. Does the Proposed Building Expansion Project Proposal address all of the objectives?
A. All four of these goals have been achieved in the proposed building expansion project.

  1. Provides 25 new teaching spaces at approximately 400 square feet to accommodate 500 people at 20 square feet per person. In addition, five large rooms configured like our current Fellowship Hall will be available.
  2. Provides space for 750-1040 in sit-down banquet setting in the renovated Fellowship Hall and on the lower floor of the new building.
  3. Provides 5,000 square feet for a new kitchen and food service space, adequate to handle food preparation for 1,000.
  4. The new building will connect to the Children’s Building and Fellowship Hall on both first and second levels and to the Center on the lower level.

Q. How large will the new building be? What portion of our existing facilities will remodeled?
The proposed project includes 34,072 square feet in new construction and the renovation of 11,621 square feet on the lower level of the Fellowship Hall, a total of 45,693 square feet at an estimated cost of $5,000,000 to $6,000,000.

Q. What additional elements will be included in the Proposed Building Expansion Project?
The following design elements will be incorporated into the Proposed Building Expansion Project:

  1. The main entrance on the southeast incorporates the cross motif and a wide uninterrupted hall through the entire building.
  2. Our existing Fellowship Hall will adjoin the new building on the west side.
  3. Sliding petitions will be used in the Fellowship Hall and elsewhere to maximize flexibility and enhance multi-use potentialities.
  4. The central hallway in the new building will allow access to the Worship Center on both the east and west sides on both floors.
  5. Eighty to one-hundred new parking spaces will be provided and a new driveway will connect to our exiting traffic flow on both the east and west.
  6. All building design elements and materials will correspond to our present buildings to the fullest degree possible.