White Out Sunday 01

Fantastic February 2014

This year both teams are vying for the position of being "The Apprentice!" Both divisions have sent their best into Pastor Blake's Boardroom and only one will emerge victorious! Who will it be? Watch each week as the weak are eliminated, and we crown this year's winner as "The Apprentice."

Meet the Teams for Fantastic February

TEAM ALPHA: Representing the Children’s and Preteen Ministry, 1st thru 6th grade

  • Pastor Charles, Associate Pastor Children’s Ministries - FIRED
  • Jennifer King, Preschool/Children’s Ministry Associate
  • Caleb Glennie, Preteen Director and Children’s Ministry Intern - FIRED

TEAM OMEGA: Representing the Students’ Ministry, 7th thru 12th grade

  • Randy Faram, Student Minister - FIRED
  • Matt Freeman, Student Ministry Intern - FIRED
  • Klay Kloxin, Student Ministry Intern - FIRED
  • Amy Blankenship, Student Ministries Assistant

CHALLENGE 4:  Sunday, February 23

The final challenge is to see which team can bring the most guests. So team Alpha, team Omega, let’s get our friends here and finish Fantastic February off right!

  • Sunday, Feb 23 is Whiteout Sunday. Wear all your white gear and bring a friend.