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In times of disaster the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) springs into action. Once invited into the disaster recovery effort, BGCO provides the majority of the food supplied to the survivors and the relief workers. Trained personal can work in many ways: any of the six areas of Food Service, Mud Out, Ash Out, Chainsaw Recovery, Laundry, Water Purification, Child Care, and many other areas. But to help one must be trained. To be trained, one must attend the training offered by BGCO Disaster Relief.

Christian individuals who are active members of a local Southern Baptist Church, in good physical condition, and at least 18 years of age, may attend one of the sessions and join the Disaster Relief team. Visit:


When a request for assistance comes to the BGCO Disaster Relief office, individual team members will be contacted to check on their availability for service during the specific response. Length of service could be one day to a week or more. Volunteers assist wherever needed, in the US and beyond.