Changed Tour

Changed Tour 2019

Jordan Feliz

Coming to Edmond!

Jordan Feliz is coming to Edmond's First Baptist Church on Friday, April 26 with The Young Escape for The Changed Tour! 

Are you ready for a fun night of music? Tickets will increase by $5 if purchased at the door so be sure to grab yours soon. Tickets and event info:

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It’s something we all want the answers for. It’s something we fear. Something we want to have a grip on . . . THE FUTURE.

The Past.

Following widespread acclaim for his first album, The River, Jordan Feliz began the journey of recording a new one. But the process didn’t start how he expected or hoped. “I said ‘What if I just can’t do it?’ but then Paul says to me ‘Look man, there’s no pressure. Everything in your future has already been plotted by Jesus. He has paved every step of the way for you, in a way to have favor on your life. Our future is not wound up in our success, but in the inheritance of God.’”

The Present.

“Your love is moving mountains every day of my life. Can I get a witness?” Jordan listens to the new record, the latest season of his life in musical form. Those early doubts have transformed into peace. The shame into compassion. The worry into joy, and the fear into excitement.

The Future.

This record was born out of Feliz making peace with the fact that he doesn’t, none of us can, know what his future holds. Cling to your best-laid plans until your knuckles turn white, mark your calendar up and down, worry yourself dizzy…But the real answer is accepting that we do not hold the future in our own two hands. And thank goodness, because the One who does has already written better stories for us than we ever could.

Changed Tour With

Young Escape

Our Story

Hailing from Southern California, The Young Escape (Capitol) deliver a fresh shot of EDM-infused Indie pop and the energetic live show to match. Comprised of siblings Ryan, McKenna, Kyrsten, and Luke Johns, the band's debut singles Good Life and Neverfade are an alchemy of modern pop sheen and sophisticated edge, carried to otherworldly heights by McKenna’s vocal.  

With an average age of 18, TYE speak to the themes of insecurity, anxiety, and pressure facing every kid in the modern age with the hope and escape found in the kinetic spirit of youth at any age.