Building Together

Fulfilling an old vision . . . Releasing a new vision
Raising $1 Million in ONE year continues through August 2017

Building Together


BTchallenge Exceeds $1M Goal

In August 2016, Dr. Blake Gideon extended a special challenge to the First Family to raise $1,000,000 in gifts to the Building Fund during the year beginning September 1, 2016 and concluding August 31, 2017.

EFBC has finished strong! Pastor's BTchallenge has exceeded the $1 million goal with $1,052.534.37. For every $1 raised during this period we saved up to $0.23 in interest costs. Thank you!

Construction Progress

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Connecting to

His Church

BUILDING TOGETHER is a five-year emphasis designed to help the EFBC Family provide funds to remodel existing space in our Fellowship Hall and to construct a new building to provide additional space for our growing Connection Group Ministry, an expanded kitchen with new equipment, and space for our growing church family to gather for fellowship, Bible study, conferences, etc. It is an educational and motivational tool designed to unite us to follow God's direction for our church by using our personal resources in a wise and faith-filled manner for the sake of God's kingdom.


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Building Together . . .

is an intense period of stewardship emphasis that will challenge every member of our church family to seek the Lord's will regarding their financial participation in our new building construction program.  Its theme is "Not equal gifts . . . but equal sacrifice".

BUILDING TOGETHER rests upon the Biblical principle of proportional giving. We cannot and should not all give the same amount. However, we should all aspire toward an equal level of commitment and obedience. BUILDING TOGETHER challenges each of us to seek God in earnest prayer for His direction as to what will constitute a sacrificial gift in our lives. BUILDING TOGETHER asks only that you give by revelation, not simply human reason.

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Everyone must appear with a gift suited to his means, according to the blessing the LORD your God has given you. 

Deuteronomy 16:17 HCSB



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More than 20 years ago, God gave Edmond's First Baptist Church a vision to relocate from our landlocked downtown location to a spacious campus at the intersection of 33rd and Bryant. He gave the First Family a spirit of unified obedience and sacrificial giving that permitted the purchase of land and the construction of a beautiful and functional Worship Center, Children's Building, and Fellowship Hall.

Now God is leading the First Family to complete the vision He gave them nearly a quarter century ago.  The BUILDING TOGETHER program will expand our education and fellowship space, bringing it, for the first time, into balance with the capacity of our Worship Center. The new facilities will allow us to provide more than 1,500 in Worship Service and in Connection Groups.

Fulfilling the vision God gave us in the past will also provide a viable foundation to implement God's new vision for us, a vision focused upon kingdom growth and church planting, beginning here in Edmond, and spreading to the 32 centers of lostness in North America, and, ultimately, around the world. It is God's strategy for us to fufill our role in completing the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8) and follows the model He provided in the Book of Ats.

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BUILDING TOGETHER Program Highlights

  • 34,072 square feet of new construction and renovation of 11,621 square feet on the lower level of Fellowship Hall, a total of 45,693 square feet
  • Space for 750 - 1,000 in a sit-down banquet setting in the renovated Fellowship Hall and the lower floor of the new building, outfitted with media equipment, providing the necessary support for a wide variety of presentations, special programs, conferences, and meetings
  • Movable partitions will be used in Fellowship Hall and education space to maximize flexibility and enhance multi-use potentialities
  • 25 new teaching spaces at approximately 400 square feet to accommodate 500 people at 20 square feet per person. In addition, four large rooms configured like Fellowship Hall will be available
  • A new kitchen adequate to handle food preparation for 1,000
  • The new building will connect to the Children's Wing and Fellowship Hall on both first and second levels and to the Worship Center Foyer on the lower level
  • Open welcome areas with plenty of natural light
  • 80-100 new parking spaces will be provided and a new driveway will connect to the existing traffic flow on both the east and wes
  • All building design elements and materials will correspond to the present buildings to the fullest degree possible and beautiful landscaping will be provided
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BUILDING TOGETHER demands prayer. For many years we have been praying for the Lord to provide the needed facilities to complete the vision he gave our church more than twenty years ago. The spirit of victory is already apparent. Today, God is answering our prayers with his victorious "Yes".


BUILDING TOGETHER demands faith. When we exercise our faith it grows stronger and as our faith grows God is able to bless us more abundantly. Edmond's First Baptist Church has demonstrated a heritage of faith over the years and we will prove equal to this challenge with the Lord's help.


BUILDING TOGETHER demands sacrifice. No worthy cause ever gets anywhere until there is sacrifice. The theme of BUILDING TOGETHER is "Not equal gifts . . . but equal sacrifice". Of course some can give more than others, but everyone can make a sacrificial gift. It is then that we will see God open floodgates of blessings. In recent years your church has not really called upon you to make a major sacrifice. We are doing that now.