Baptist Mission Project

Christmas Emphasis 2018

Everyone is welcome to volunteer with the HappyTimers’ Ministry as they help the Baptist Mission Center in Oklahoma City prepare for the annual Christmas Store. The Baptist Mission is in need of food, toys, gifts for teenagers, and personal care items. Please bring items to the Church by Sunday, December 16.

Christmas Store needs include gifts for the following age groups:

  • Birth - 1 Year
    This is the lightest area of demand. Maybe 10% of the families we serve have children in this category.
  • 1-5 Years
    Easy age to purchase for. The dollar stores are a good source for this age group. Make sure they are age appropriate.
  • 6-12 Years
    By far the largest group we service.
  • 13-18 Years
    Difficult age to purchase for, but we historically fall short in this group every year. Gift cards (stores, fast food, etc.) work well.
  • Blankets and Quilts

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer to help set up the Christmas Store on December 18, and 19. Also, volunteer on the BIG DAY, Thursday, December 20, when families can shop in the Christmas Store. Leave EFBC at 8:00 AM and return around noon. On the BIG DAY, volunteers will help with the Christmas Store by:

  • helping families shop and select gifts for their families.
  • helping them to their cars.
  • praying with them for a Merry Christmas!

More Information

For more information, contact Carl Schwab, 405-348-7835, EMAIL Carl.

Connecting to

His Mission

Each month everyone is welcome to join the HappyTimers’ Ministry as they visit the Baptist Mission Center to provide volunteer assistance. Meet at EFBC at 8:00 AM and return by noon.

2018 dates include:

  • February 21
  • March 21
  • April 18
  • May 16

Donations Welcomed

The Mission Center welcomes any donations of food, clothing, household items, etc. Please drop donations off in the blue buckets located on the EFBC Campus or at EFBC’s Church Office by the Tuesday prior to the event date. Please note we are no longer able to accept used medication bottle.

The church office is available Monday thru Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Fridays from 8:00 AM to noon at 405-341-0253.

More Information

For more information, contact Carl Schwab, 405-348-7835, EMAIL Carl.