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Austen Covin

Missions/College Pastor

An adventurous and introspective soul, Austen Covin approaches life in a curious, creative, and competitive manner. 

One of six children, Austen is part of a large growing family that extends from the Oklahoma City area to Colorado, Missouri, and Texas. Austen first heard God’s call to ministry when he was a senior in high school, felt the call throughout college, and surrendered to the call his final semester in college. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado State University in Journalism and Technical Communication and a Master of Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. While in college, God gave him a deep desire to know and study His Word. In Seminary, God taught him how to trust and find his joy in Him alone. Among many others, one of his goals is to produce a missions’ documentary highlighting how churches all over the world worship. The objective would be to demonstrate that while we may not worship in exactly the same way, we all worship the same Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In his spare time, you might find Austen reading a novel by C.S. Lewis or watching the Netflix show, The Office. Currently, the best part of his life is that God has blessed him with some of the greatest friends. His favorite things are good music, black coffee, and the mountains. He is especially happy “when I am listening to good music while drinking black coffee in the mountains”. Most recently, he has learned that everything God does in your life is for the purpose of drawing you closer to Him. If you do not fight Him in the process, He will make Himself the only thing you will ever want and will be the only thing that fulfills your deepest desires.

Through teaching and programming, he aims to connect students to Christ and to walk with them as they grow in a personal relationship with Jesus. In addition to helping students recognize the necessity of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Austen strives to strengthen their love for the church. He believes that as students prepare to leave the comfort of their homes, it is imperative to their Christian faith that they have a right understanding of, and genuine love for, the local church. He wants students to understand the church does not exist to serve them, but rather they exist to serve the church. Austen desires to see the next generation of Christians go out into the world as servant-leaders who will proclaim Christ in word and action in all they do.

Austen’s favorite Bible verse that speaks of God’s love and purpose for him is Romans 15:13, which says, “and may the God of hope fill you with peace and joy, in believing, that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope,” in the times when hope seems distant, peace is not present, and joy is lacking.

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