Advance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we in debt? 
In May 2016 the church voted to borrow up to $4 million to complete the new building construction and remodel.

What was total cost of the building? 
Approximately $6,200,000

How much was borrowed? 

How much has already been paid off? 
About $550,000

What is the current balance on the debt? 
About $2,350,000

How much is the monthly note costing the church?
$16,000 per month. HOWEVER, this expense is not part of the church budget. All building fund or Advance Campaign gifts are received to a designated account and then paid to the building loan.

How long is the current note? When does it mature?
September 1, 2038

How much interest can we save by paying the debt off in the next 3 years?
$942,601 (This number does not include scheduled rate changes every 5th  year). 

How will this affect our church if we pay off the debt early? 
Free us to focus on our vision of multiplying church plants.

What ministry plans can we undertake with the debt removed?
Mercy Ministry and Church Planting 

What is the current financial condition of the church?
Meeting obligations but we did not meet budget in 2019, more reason to retire our debt.

How long is the commitment for this campaign?
Three years.

When does my financial commitment start?
Commitment day is March 8, 2020. Everyone will have an opportunity to turn in commitment cards that day and the next few Sundays. Celebration Sunday is March 29, and that is when giving to the Advance Campaign will begin.

What if I am currently giving to the last campaign?
We will be ending the previous campaign and rolling everyone into a new commitment specifically for “Advance”.

Why is a formal three-year commitment to the campaign necessary?
It is common for people to make financial commitments every day to things deemed important and a priority. A campaign commitment is an agreement or covenant between the person making the pledge and the Lord, to symbolize our “faith promise” to God.  The pledge amount and subsequent giving remain at the discretion of the person who is pledging. 

A deliberate decision to obey God is solidified by completing a commitment card, which enables the church to know what to expect and how to plan or make informed financial decisions.

What are the different ways I can give?  
Three areas: 

  • three-year gift from income (cash, online)
  • appreciated assets (stock, property)
  • Stuff/Valuables (other creative gifts)

How can I help?
Pray, Give, be positive and communicate with excitement.